I have been keeping a secret for a few months... and it has been hard not to give it away! Thank goodness I can finally tell you today!!!

After 4 1/2 year of blogging and 1,457 posts I am finally moving to WORDPRESS.... and my blog is being totally redesigned!

I have been working with Julie at BLOGGER BOUTIQUE for months to make StoneGable even better and more user friendly! AND  StoneGable will have a new, fresh look without loosing my signature style (lots of big images).

The day has finally come!!!! It is moving day!

So what does that mean for my readers?

It means no new posts for a few days... I have so many posts and pictures to move that the whole process might take up to 3 days! 

You can still enjoy all of my past posts and dive into my archives for inspiration... all 1,456 previous posts!

Or you can follow me on FACEBOOKTWITTERPINTEREST or INSTAGRAM where I'll be hanging out!

And when I am finally moved to Wordpress, I will begin posting new material right away. It may take a little while before I learn the Wordpress ropes. So please be patient while I learn how to navigate this new system.

The end goal is to give StoneGable a new, fresh and friendly look and to help bring more and better material to my dear readers.

I love the idea of moving forward and improving StoneGable!

Let's do it together!