Do you have a pretty bowl, basket, plate, container or whatever laying around unused? One that you often think... "I wish I could do something with this... it's too pretty to sit in the cupboard"?

I felt that way too! I had a beautiful large oyster shell bowl that sat in my basement and was only used when I made a low country boil.

I found an easy, no-brainer way to display my oyster bowl so I can enjoy it everyday!

It took 10 minutes to make this stately orchid display. I found an amazing little secret for keep the orchids standing upright and very secure in the shallow bowl... everyone should know about this...

I'll show you how I did it...


a shallow container
Styrofoam round
florist clay (I got mine from AC Moore and it came on a tape)
3 orchid stems
1 orchid leaf stem
Spanish or green moss

1. Cut 3 pieces of florist clay to fit the top surface of the styrofoam round, keeping the tape on the clay.

2.  Firmly press the clay side of the tape into the Styrofoam. Peal off the tape backing.

3. Stick the Styrofoam to the dish. Press it firmly to secure.

This florist clay is AMAZING! It looks unassuming but boy, does it work! This is a product I won't be without!!!!! That is my amazing little secret!

4. Position the orchid leaves in the middle of the Styrofoam.

5. Add the three orchid stalks. Make sure to position them so they look natural.

6. Add moss.


It's that easy!

Orchids are a classic and look great with every decor!

 Instead of buying an expensive live orchid that you have to take care of... for a whole lot less money you can make an arrangement that will look great for a long long time.

Now dig out that bowl, basket or whatever you have that would make a fabulous home to some faux orchids and get busy!!!!

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