I know you think this claim might be a tad far fetched... THE BEST AND EASIEST COOKIE ICE CREAM SANDWICH YOU WILL EVER EAT!

But, by the end of this post I bet I'll have you convinced!

I think most people love cookies and ice cream... and here's a way to put them together for a treat that is simply scrumptious...

Now, I have a very definite opinion on cookies and ice cream... there must be the perfect ice cream to cookie ratio! Too little ice cream and you just have a cookie... too much ice cream and that's what you end up with... well, ice cream!

But when the ratio is perfect.... YUM!

I'll show you how I put my favorite Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich together and you can use your favorite cookie, favorite ice cream and favorite add-ins! You are sure to end up with the best cookie ice cream sandwich you will ever eat!

And here's the "easiest" part... use a great store bought gourmet cookie! I put 8 wonderful cookie ice cream sandwiches together in under 10 minutes! What could be easier?

Store bought soft gourmet cookies (mine are chocolate chunk from Costco)
Half gallon of  ice cream ( I used vanilla to go with my add-in)
Add-in ( Fresh raspberries in season for me!)

Put softened ice cream into a large bowl and add the add-ins.

Mix the ice cream and add-in together.    I froze the raspberries in a single layer on a baking sheet so they would not be crushed when I mixed them into the ice cream. Worked like a charm!

Add a big dollop of the ice cream mixture to the underside of a soft cookie.

Top the ice cream with another cookie.

Using gentle and even pressure on the cookie squeeze the two cookies together until the ice cream reaches the edges of the cookie.

I like my cookies to have about an inch of ice cream in the middle! Remember that ratio thing?

Freeze the cookie ice cream sandwiches until the are hard and serve!


Here are a few yummy cookie ice cream sandwich options...

*chocolate cookies with Mint chocolate chip ice cream (don't mess with perfection... no add-ins needed)

*chocolate chip cookies with coffee ice cream and crushed chocolate covered coffee beans

*molasses cookies with butter run ice cream and a layer of caramel sauce

*sugar cookies with black raspberry ice cream and fresh blackberries

* brownie cookie with cookie dough ice cream and the edges rolled in pecans

*oatmeal raisin cookies with praline cream ice cream and crushed toffee

* peanut butter cookies with chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream and a layer of chocolate fudge sauce

*snickerdoodles with vanilla caramel ice cream and chocolate chips

Let's put on our culinary thinking caps... what would be your favorite Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich?

Remember to

Happy Independence Day!!!