Our garden is full of beauty and surprise! Every day I can find new wonders if I look intently for them.

Today, come with me and let's take an up close look at what's growing in my vegetable garden....
you just might be surprised and marvel too!

Let me start by introducing the new veggies to our garden this year! We have not grown broccoli since moving into StoneGable.

The last time we planted broccoli... it was a disaster!

Broccoli seems to love it here... so far, so good! 

Isn't it a great color?

Another first for this garden is cabbage. I hope they grow as big as a volleyball! I have yummy plans for the 6 cabbages we are growing!

One of the very first things we planted in the garden were onion sets. Probably 50 onions!

These are called candy sweet... and they are!

The salad has bolted in the garden, but I planted lettuce seeds in a big terracota bowl in my KITCHEN GARDEN near the back porch. 

Because it gets more shade and I water it very often I still have lettuce and hope to keep reseeding the bowl for lettuce all summer long!

One of my favorite garden plants are eggplants! From the time their delicate purple flowers bloom till they are perfect aubergine globes I am fascinated by them!

If you look carefully you can see the stalks and the veins in the leaves are also purple. 

These big, sunny flowers will soon be zucchini! I can almost see them growing! Zucchini are real popular at StoneGable. I like to say they grow "riotous" here!

They are big, big givers. The are garden overachievers!  I'm counting on them to go crazy again this year... I have a couple of new zucchini recipes I can't wait to try!

Cucumbers are a cousin to the prolific zucchini! And like their cousins they are big givers too!

The wee cuke plant is planted in the middle of a garden trellis tepee.  It's strong, curly tendrils grab the trellis and help the plant to grow up... and not out invading the space of other vegetables!  They can be a real bed hog... garden bed, that is!

If you look carefully you can see cucumbers in many stages of growth!

Beets are like ruby jewels! I just picked 2 today. I love to make pickled beets and then pickled eggs. YUMMY!

Isn't the stem color impressive?

I think they are such hardy plants!

Another red veggie in the garden are these little cherry tomatoes. It's easy to pop a few in my mouth as I pick what is ready to be harvested from the rest of my garden! So sweet!

Grape tomatoes have stolen my culinary heart! These funny yellow tomatoes are firm and burst with flavor. I put them in so many summer dishes!

I could live on a bowl of cherry and grape tomatoes cut in two, drizzled with a little olive oil and sprinkled with fresh basil and sea salt!  That's what summer tastes like to me!

We have 6 other tomato varieties in the garden.

Did you know that I only eat grape tomatoes when tomatoes are out of season in my area. I am a very picky tomato eater. That's why I love love love fresh garden tomatoes!

I'm still waiting for these to get plump and red!

These little babies will grow to be crisp red pepper. Most green peppers are really just immature peppers.  Not until they turn a different color, like red, are they mature... and a whole lot sweeter too! 

We have green, red and orange peppers this year.

You will also see a lot of salvia and other flowers in the veggie garden.

I companion plant salvia with my tomatoes. It keeps away the bugs!

Our garden is totally organic! No weed killers or pesticides! NONE!

Look at those amazing stalks!

Two big flower barrels grace my veggie garden. 

Here's where I plant nasturtiums. Their bright orange brings a big splash of color to my garden!

They often find their way into a salads or as decoration on a dinner plate!

There are other veggies like swiss chard, rhubarb, leeks and artichokes that are planted in the garden this year.  As they grow and produce I'll share them with you!

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