Every season brings it's own influence and impact to my farmhouse kitchen! 

Summer means big bouquets of flowers, fresh fruit and produce and lots of visitors to my farmhouse kitchen!

It's a busy time of canning and freezing and making dishes that go from the garden to the table! Summer is the time of year I think my kitchen shines!

Early this morning I picked an armload of Limelight hydrangeas from the garden. Thank goodness for my farmhouse sink! It can hold A LOT!

These big moppy headed hydrangeas start out white and as the summer season rolls along they turn a brilliant citron green!

Don't you love their variegated colors?

My kitchen is very utilitarian, so I don't decorate it very much....except for the big island!

The island is where I do most of my prep work. Thankfully it's nice and big... I can add a few seasonal decorations without them getting in the way of cooking!

This summer I filled two galvanized buckets with white geraniums! I love the impact they make.

A black sheep (HomeGoods) grazes in front of them.

I have wanted to raise sheep for decades! I think this little guy is the closest I'll probably get!

Cherries are in season... yum! I've washed a bowl full. They remind me of little jewels!

In season fruit is scrumptious!

Have you met the other animal in my kitchen? His name is Earl... what a handsome pig!

The shelf above the cook top is lightened up for summer. Plants in concrete pots, white dishes and accent pieces.

The wire basket (Decor Steals) holds two white ironstone pitchers with lots of wooden spoons and utensils.

I love love love wooden utensils!!!!

A small metal cart (HomeGoods) sits at the end of the island. I use it for "overflow" items and dinnerware that is used outdoors.

The little breakfast area just off the kitchen is simply dressed for summer. Another wired basket holds two red geraniums in weathered pots.

I have a love/hate relationship with geraniums. When they area in full bloom they are so showy and bright... but they also can get very leggy and unkempt! They need lots of attention!

This is a little sideboard table in the breakfast area.  I keep dog treats in the brown transferware chamber pot.

We use the mason jars for drinks when we dine al fresco. I love to keep them on this bottle rack!

So cheeky and fun!

Aprons in red, white and blue hang from decorative plate hooks. I'll be posting how to make this before the end of summer...

Fall will bring some very fun changes to this farmhouse kitchen. Hopefully we will get several glass front cabinets...and a few other surprises!!!

But for now, I am enjoying summer and all it's bounty in my farmhouse kitchen!

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