I am a field trip kinda girl! I loved going on field trips when I was in school and I looked forward to planning field trips when I was a teacher.

 And I am ready to go with my fun, awesome, adventurous girlfriends (and mom) who love to drive through the countryside, with Shania Twain's Man, I Feel Like A Woman blaring out of the car stereo finding all kinds of fun places to go... do... and see... and lunch. We must stop for lunch!

Today, we traveled to THE COTTONWOOD HOUSE SPRING SHOW and we had a great time. Even though we did not have our theme song on the stereo we were in bright and excited spirits as we made our way deep into beautiful Chester County to find lots of inspiration from over 25 vendors...

I thought it would be fun to take you along with us and have you be inspired too! So let down your hair, get your field trip face on, fasten your seatbelt and let's goooooooo!

Don't you love this "shoe box"? What a great idea... and I'll take all three pillows please!!!

One of my favorite booths was Shutters and Sand! Great fun things and the prices were fabulous! 

I can't believe that I left the aqua fame behind! It was beautiful!!!!

How about that table and chairs! Chic colors and the fabric!

Are you getting a little inspired?

What would you have brought home?

The "rooms" were so creative and full of ASCP color!!!

Look at this precious camper!!! 

This booth had the prettiest flowers!!!!

What a sweet idea... 

Signs, signs and more signs!

What would you like on your porch?

Marigolds are so happy!

I met and hugged two StoneGable readers... Suzy and Florence. And I big HI to Suzy's mom! LOVE StoneGable readers! Aren't they so cute!!!!

I have a thing for shutters!

Here is the one thing I really regret leaving behind! A kitschy tea towel in a a cute frame... I just may have to make one for myself!!!

I don't know if you can see the price... $19.00! Fabulous!

And here's all the loot we brought home...

If you live in the Lancaster and Chester County area or even near Wilmington De. you will want to check out THE COTTONWOOD HOUSE SPRING TOUR going on tomorrow with lots of demonstrations and giveaways!

And now, in the spirit of girl's field trips... get your singing voice on, turn up the volume and belt one out along with us and our girl Shania...