This was the very first bow I learned how to make decades ago... and it's still my favorite.

I have used it on wreaths, presents, for hair bows (no judging... it was the 80's), mantels, Christmas Trees, and even a car!

You can throw away your bow makers because this bow is so easy to make and comes out perfect every time!

Let's get started with step-by-step instructions...



* my ribbon is 2 1/4 inch wired burlap ribbon. This technique will work on almost any kind and width ribbon as long as it is not too thick.


So easy! You may not "get it" on the first or even the 5th try... but you will! And when you do it will be your favorite easy-peasy bow!

Here's the bow on other wreaths...

Same technique just one more pair of loops!

I have 2 more bows I'll be sharing with you this summer... make sure to look for them!

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