Recently I bought an Olive Basket from Walmart... yes, Walmart!

Actually, I bought 2. They were only $9.88... a steal considering the real deal can cost well over $100.00.

The Walmart olive basket really is a great substitute, but it did not have the same "aged appeal" as authentic ones.

Not to worry... I have an easy-peasy DIY for aging galvanized metal.

Here's how the olive basket looked before...

Very nice and sturdy and well made... but way too shiny!

And here is how the olive basket looks now...

It really looks old!

Here's a simple way to make new metal, like galvanized metal, look old and have lots of crusty character!

Galvanized metal is usually zink or iron with a coating of steal sealed over it to prevent it from rusting.

To make a piece of galvanized metal look old and rusty and chippy and have a wonderful patina takes years of outdoor wear. Here's a way to speed the natural process of the steal coating wearing off.

StoneGable's Aging Galvanized DIY
toilet bowl cleaner
steel wool
a safe place to apply the toilet bowl cleaner outdoors
rubber gloves

* put on rubber gloves before you begin!

1. Put a new galvanized olive basket in a tub. We used a tub we mix cement in that held both of the basket easily.

2. I used Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. I looked for Zep Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner, which is my corrosion agent of choice, but 4 local stores I went to were out of it!

Lysol worked pretty good... it just took a little longer.

3. Squirt the toilet bowl cleaner LIBERALLY all over the olive basket and scrub it in with the steel wool.

4. Let it sit for 30 minutes. It will start to darken and corrode. If it needs more time let it sit longer!

5. When you are happy with the finish, rinse thoroughly inside the tub. We disposed of the toilet bowl cleaner water down our septic system. Let the olive basket air dry!

This process can be repeated if you want it to be more rusty and crusty!

Each of the galvanized pieces I have "aged" this way have all turned out a little different.

The first piece I ever did was a big tub to put our Christmas tree in.

Here's how that turned out...

Very different... it had a really pleasing white finish... very realistic!

I plan to leave the olive baskets out on a couple of rainy days... I bet I'll get some great rust!

To get all the Walmart Olive Basket info click HERE.

I can't wait to show you what I am aging next!!!!

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