A big thanks to all my wonderful readers who voted for my lampshade at the LAMPS.COM LAMPSHADE CHALLENGE... I won! Yea!!!!

And I could not have done it without your votes!!! 

Now, how about making one for yourself? Here's a step by step  diy so you can make your very own version...

StoneGable Lampshade DIY
1 drum lampshade (I got mine HERE)
acrylic paints (I used white, off white, taupe for shading and gold)

1. Make a monogram. I used PICMONKEY, a free digital imaging program.  I added a border of dots around the monogram.  Print it on a piece of paper.

2. Cut out the monogram and tape it to the inside of the lampshade

3. Using a pencil, lightly trace the monogram and the dots to the front of the shade.

4. Using a soft off white acrylic paint fill in the monogram.

5. Using white paint, highlight the right side of all the letters.

6. Using a gold acrylic paint, shade the left side of all the letters.

7. Dip a new eraser side of a pencil into the off white paint and make dots all around. When dry, highlight the right side of the dots with white paint and let dry. Shade the left side of the dots with gold paint.

8. Tape of stripes in equal quarters.

9. Paint the top quarter white and let dry. Paint the next quarter off white and let dry. Paint the next third white and let dry.  Paint the bottom off white and let dry.

When all the paint is dry tape off 1 inch stripes between white and off white color. Paint with gold paint. Mark off 1 inch all the way around the dots. Paint with gold.

That's it...

When the lamp is turned on the monogram lights up!!!

I hope you give this one-of-a-kind lampshade a try!!!!

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