Even though it does not feel like summer here at StoneGable I am getting ready for it!

Decorating in easy going summer details and lots of reds, whites and blues!

This is why I love a neutral family room... it can be transformed by the addition of other colors! This summer I'm feeling very patriotic... here's little splashes of color on my sofa and coffee table...

When I think of summer I think of flags flying, so I'm taking red, white and blue and using my natural covered sofa as a background for all the great color!

Our Modern Farmhouse and American is a match made in decorator heaven!!!!

If you are a StoneGable follower, you will know that I can never have enough pillows! My sofa is filled with them.

The anchor pillows are the nubby woven jute pillows that rest at each end of the sofa...

I bought them last fall and thought that they would be a nice seasonal detail, but they work with everything I put them with and I love their texture!

We have at least one quilt on hand all year round. I got it on a great sale!
It is a "teen" quilt for a single bed, but it works great here!
I tend to keep my house cool in the heat of summer so the girls in the family love to snuggle under quilts!

When they complain that it is too cold I say, "Put another layer on... if I have to take off one more thing it's going to get very ugly"!!!

The star of the pillows show is the flag pillow, of course!

I have a couple of flag projects lined up for June... I can't wait to share them with you!

The pillow tucked behind the flag pillow is a sham for a bed pillow! It was on super-duper sale!!! Score!

 It's stuffed with a big gel pillow so when the kids come over they can throw it on the floor and use it for their heads. Who says you can't use a pillow sham for a bed on the family room sofa!

The coffee table vignette changes almost weekly at StoneGable! I keep it pretty informal.

One thing that remains constant are some of my favorite decorating books I am reading!

I usually keep a large basket on my coffee table... to keep the books neat!

And I've had these deer sheds on top of my books for awhile. Beau the wonder dog likes to try to sneak away with them!

A big galvanized bucket holds faux geraniums. Soon I'll be able to put flowers from my garden in their place!
Is is bad form to use artificial flowers? I love them... as long as they are a good fake! What do you think?

A wire basket holds our first set of Bocce balls! We are all avid Bocce players! As you can see these were well "loved"!

We are a competitive family and love games... and there is a running bet with the "boys" in our family. If one team wins all the points in a Bocce game the other team must run naked around the house. I pray if this every happens that the corn is high!!!!

I'm adding more patriotic colors to the rest of the family room and I'll share that in a couple of weeks when I will be part of a SUMMER HOUSE TOUR.

How's your summer decorating coming along?

Sofa-Lamps Plus
All Pillows-Pottery Barn Outlet
Coffee Table-Wolf Furniture
Woven Basket- Pottery Barn Outlet
Galvanized Bucket-HomeGoods
Wire Basket-Home Goods
Cobalt Pottery-Pottery Barn Outlet

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