The hottest plants in the greenhouse this spring and summer are succulents!

The are riding the tide of trendy and finding themselves not only potted on patios but elevated to indoor home decor status!

I'm bringing them indoors too! I love their plump little leaves and odd shapes. And I found several little galvanized containers to repot them in!

Here's just a few tips for caring for succulents if you are loving these sweet, funny, desert plants...

Succulents are not as indestructible as they look... so handle them carefully! Their fat little leaves will fall off the stem if handled too roughly!

They like lots of drainage! Make sure to plant succulents in soil that drains well and pots that have drainage holes in the bottom.

I made holes in the bottom of these fun little pots!

When selecting succulents for indoor use choose green ones! They will have the best chance of surviving inside!

Succulents like lots of natural light, but direct sunlight for long periods of time might burn them! So find a bright place and make it their home. I have my trio of succulents on a windowsill. They gets lots of bright light, but are protected from all day direct sunlight by our porch roof.

Water succulents about once a week. Let the soil get almost try between waterings. 

During the growing season, from spring to early fall, use 1/4 of the recommended strength of an all purpose fertilizer in water to give succulents a drink and keep them healthy.

I've seen succulents planted in old shoes, tea cups and urns and even in carved out wine corks!

Yes, succulents are VERY trendy and fun right now!!!

Hope you will give these engaging little plants a try. They will reward your care by being healthy and happy plants that bring an updated look to your decor!

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