I love a good challenge! How about you?

LAMPS.COM asked me to participate in their


Whoo Hoo!

They gave me a white drum lampshade and asked me to do something with it. So I did...

And now I need your vote!!!

I hand painted our monogram on a plain white drum shade and then painted sassy horizontal stripes... with a little bit of gold bling!

And to finish it off I added burlap ribbon to the top and bottom of the shade.

The white monogrammed circle was not painted so when the lamp is turned on the monogram circle lights up!
It's sorta like a glow in the dark lamp shade!

Please head over to LAMPS.COM  and vote for my lamp.

I need every vote! Thanks so so much!

You are the best!

Next week I'll show you how I painted the lamp!

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