I really could not come up with a wreath for my door this summer... at first!

I wanted a WOW factor wreath. Something that would be very personal and unique! Sorta sassy and not too traditional.

Then I saw one on Pinterest that caught my attention... don't you love pinterest!

It had a big initial on it. Not a monogram... a BIG  initial. It was amazing! And it also had a burlap bow! I hadn't added a bow to a wreath in years! So I used all that inspiration to create my own initial wreath...

This was also one of the very easiest wreath I have ever made... it took about 30 minutes from start to finish!

Oh this wreath is so worth a try!

So, here's what you will need...


2 grapevine wreaths (the size depends on what looks good on your door)
paper covered wire 
faux flowers (shown below)
burlap wired ribbon
large initial

Use two grapevine wreath that are the same size. I always use double wreaths. It makes the final product look very "designer".

Attach the wreaths with the wire... I secure them together on opposite ends...


double wired wreaths

Can you see where the wreaths are attached... it's hard to find!

Now, here's a little confession... I got so excited about this wreath and had it put together so fast that I forgot to take pictures!

But, don't worry... I'll walk you through the instructions... it's sooooo easy!

Here are the flowers you will need (my flowers came from Michael's):

7 stems of twiggy flowers

1 stem of leaves

2 hydrangeas

a great burlap ribbon, preferable wired

Ready? Here we go...

1. Let's pretend the wreath is a clock.  Stick 2 stems (cut them short if needed... and I needed) deep into the wreath at about 10 o'clock with the twigs and flowers sticking out towards the right.

Cut apart 1 twiggy flower stem and fill in.

Hot glue to affix.

2. Do the same at 10:00 but let the twigs and flowers stick out towards the left.

Cut apart 1 twiggy flower stem and fill in.

Hot glue to affix.

3. Pull apart the leafy stem and add it to the twiggy flowers here and there. Gluing!!!!

Also cut up the final twiggy flower branch apart and fill in any spaces and places that need some extra interest. Gluing!!!!

4. Make a bow.

I'll be sharing a few bow making techniques next week... 

Wire the bow to the wreath between the twiggy flower branches as shown.

6. Add both hydrangeas right above the bow.

Then hot glue the mess out of the back of your letter and press it down on the wreath. Hold the letter down until the glue is hard and the letter sticks to the wreath.


Go for it, girl!!!!

Now that's a wreath that sings... WELCOME!

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