It is a bitter cold day, here at StoneGable. Snow is coming this afternoon... just a small accumulation... but it's snow and I love snow!

  I turned on the fireplace and started puttering!  Snow always makes me putter... and cook. A big pot of minestrone soup will be on the back burner to meet the snow!

I'm shopping my house, finding blue and white pieces to bring a little color to my serene family room color palette...

Not many years ago snowy days meant building snowmen... and handing out hot chocolate... and constructing blanket forts in the family room...and a dryer full of wet mittens, hats and coats...and blowing little cold noses! (Sigh!)

These days, snowy days means puttering. And I'm puttering in the family room.  I just needed a little splash of color... and that usually means blue and white, for me!

The mantle gets lots of color.  I did buy two new mantle lamps at HomeGoods. Ralph Lauren blue and white, who could resist?

 The mantle is long and narrow so these squat lamps work perfectly! I set them on the far sides of the mantle. I'm not sure if they will find their home there... but for now that's were they are settled. 

I'm thinking of adding a couple of plates on the wall above the lamps.

Bobby's leather chair is next to the fireplace, and a very cozy spot!  A matching chair flanks the other side of the fire place too.

I added an ikat  pillow. It gives a nice pop of blue against the winter white fur throw and the quilted pillow.  I am wild about ikat (pronounced ee-cot) patterns. 

I think I'll continue to tweak and play with the mantle...

Then spend some time in Bobby's chair by the fire finishing my book club book.

The room looks a little more alive... and cozy. 

What do you do on a snowy day.