Are you tired of hearing me drone on and on about needing more light in my family room?  

My grand plan includes taking out the windows and putting in several glass doors... ripping up the carpet  (only 4 years old)... and painting this space a lighter color. This will all probably be finished when pigs fly! I am always years ahead of the actual project!

But, please don't tell Bobby yet... he is still working on the dining room! He doesn't need to think that far ahead... that's my job!  So for now I am painting the furniture ...

Here is the before...

 it was taken in the evening a good while ago... before the cat and dog, in a friendly wrestling match, knocked over the table and sent my favorite lamp crashing to the floor in pieces! I have been looking for over a year for another just like it... and I can't find one... yet!

Back to the table... the detail is lost in the dark wood.

Here is how it looks now...

I think the new color shows off the pedestal detail...

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is Pure White and lightly sanded and antiqued it with Clear and Dark Wax and then did a little dry brushing with ASCP Pure White.

This is Bobby's "office". He comes home and does work in this chair. The table is sorta his desk.  

 After seeing patients all day and attending to tons of faxes, files and phone calls, I think he wants nothing to do with a desk! The leather chair and table work as a cozy after-hours place to work.

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