This was one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year!

Our son and his fiance' had it made for us...

Our surname was painted in reverse on the back of this old window. Pretty cool, huh?

Against the wall the letters make a shadow and give it a 3-D look!

The window is embellished with fun knobs.

I rearranged my family room to hang it... now I have to paint this little cupboard to go with the rest of my room and this old window sign!

 Christopher and Abby also got my daughter, Jacqueline and her husband Jonathan, an old window sign too!

Kids are in their jammies... they still look a little sleepy!

Love the window and the givers of this unique gift!

And where did Christopher get this fabulous idea... we were not the first to receive a personalized window as a gift....

The original window was part of his proposal to his beloved Abigail!

Here's a picture of the happy couple celebrating their engagement with us...

You can read their sweet proposal story at by clicking HERE

When I look at our personalized window I think of my son and his beautiful bride-to-be... it's a wonderful connection!!! Thanks Abby and Chris!

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