Taking down Christmas decorations and putting them away can be quite a chore! I knew there had to be a better way of storing and organizing Christmas... I was throwing all the decor in big plastic bins and it was getting so out of control!

I used to keep a list of what was in each mammoth bin... but that got so overwhelming. And digging through each huge bin to find the few things I wanted was such a waste of time... and made a mess!

This year I am putting away and organizing smarter... here's how...

First... I am getting rid of most of my big bins!

They are just too big and bulky and  full to make finding things easy! That being said, a few things just fit into those bins better.. so I'm only using them when I absolutely necessary.

The smarter thing, for me, are smaller, see-through bins.  Most of my Christmas decor are smaller elements, so they fit better in smaller bins.

I separated like things into boxes, I've been collecting boxes as they go on sale...

I'm sorting and editing EVERYTHING!

The next step was to label each of my boxes.

I labeled each box that hold Christmas decor CHRISTMAS and then assigned the box a number.

Then under the main label I wrote a general description of what was in the contents of the box.

They will go down to the basement and be organized on metal shelves... I'll post about this later!

Having that done... I needed an easy system to keep track of all the Christmas decor...

So here is what I came up with...

I took a picture of each box, trying to get a good view of the content in it...and labeled each picture with the name of the box, and the content...

Then I put them all in a file in my computer labeled Organization/Christmas.

Now I have a complete visual inventory of my Christmas decor in one easy to access place!

As I add to or edit the boxes I can take a new picture, edit the description and put it in the Organization/Christmas file.

I don't have to run up and down the stairs to search through big bulky bins!

I can even take my ipad to the basement with me and search for what I want before I even get into the boxes!

Another great bonus is I can search my inventory on my computer when I am looking for element to use as a tablescape or for any other decorating without searching through big bins! HURRAH!

It will also be easier to put things away too! I have a basket designated for collecting things that go to the basement... all I have to do is look up their home on my ipad or computer and I can easily put them away!!!

As I organize my basement this year (one of my New Year's resolutions) I will convert all my bins to smaller, see-through boxes. I'm making a very big effort to PUT AWAY... GIVE AWAY ... AND THROW AWAY every last thing in my basement and garage! 

I'll keep you posted on my progress and how this system works. This may be a little too intense for some of you, but I need a system that gives me an easy way to find things almost effortlessly, so I don't mind a little extra work and expense on the front end to keep my life in order! There are few things that can frustrate me more than not being able to recall where things are... and the time wasted in searching for them!  Hopefully, this system will help!

I'd love to hear your best organizing tips!!!

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I hope you will join me!!!