I am a casual frequenter of antique haunts. I enjoy perusing dusty isles filled with chippy years-gone-by merchandise... and going through stacks of crisply starched linens... and the smell of old books!

I most often leave enjoying my visit... empty handed!

 But, once in awhile I find something that I know belongs to me... that feels like it is already a part of my story. Those are the things I take home...

That is exactly how I feel about this rather tall little stool.  I knew it's home was StoneGable!   I can't quite tell you why or what it is about it... I just knew!

It has been repainted... I recognize the color and the feel of the wax finish rubbed on it.

 I was going to strip it and repaint it... but the color has grown on me! 

 I think it should stay this soft aqua blue.  It just needs a little extra rubbing with super fine sandpaper to coax a soft glow from the wax.

It has a sturdy seat with a handsome design...

It will certainly earn it's keep. It is a useful piece... I think it is rather beautiful in a simple way! I like simple beauty...

 I was thinking of stacking small quilts on top of it or using it as a makeshift nightstand.  It would stand in very well for a table between two porch rockers, too!

All I do know right now is that this new find... this old stool... has finally come home!!!

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