I'm not a hunter/gatherer! You know, those tenacious folks that pick and plough through piles of "stuff" to find that one special "thing"... who get up at 4 am. in zero degree weather and wait for a good garage sale to open... the resolute rank-and-file who drive hundreds of miles looking for AND finding loot to stuff in the back of their cars, van or trucks.

 Those are the people who love the hunt! Bless their determined little hearts... those are not my people!

I'm more of a "saunter through" kinda gal! I usually shop locally and can find all kinds of goodies, but...

they most often stay on their shelves or in their piles and don't come home with me.  I am a... "why, I have a few extra minutes so I think I'll pop in" person... or a "that place looks interesting and the big welcome sign is beckoning me in" girl.  I usually look and touch but do not buy.

Once in awhile, I'll come across what I call... THE FIND!

Recently on a trip to restock Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, I came across a FIND!  I spied it peeking out from a room of furniture and furbelows that had just recently come into the shop.

Not yet priced, I inquired about it and told the shopkeeper to hold it for me.  I knew it's home was at StoneGable!

This chippy, worn tiered tray is quite large and heavy! I'm thinking I'll use it on my dining room buffet or big living room coffee table.. when we get those rooms done!

It's ample tray space will be well used, I'm sure! I can just see it on a buffet filled with desserts or sandwiches or used as a coffee/tea bar!

Or piled with magazines or pumpkins!

The handle at the top is doubled so that a piece of thick paper could be stuck between the handle, sorta like a place card. This will come in handy as I'll use it to serve something at the country wedding reception we are hosting here at StoneGable for my son and his by-then-bride.

It's a handmade piece... I'm pretty sure I'll not find another one like it. Good construction.
I was thinking of trying to replicate it. This would be a joint effort... Bobby and I will maybe give it a go!

Bringing home THE FIND is always a thrill! My favorite pieces are those that tell me they belong at StoneGable... that easily work their way into my heart and into my daily life! 

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