The title of this post is just a little deceiving! Transforming this bedroom is a project that has taken months and months so far and it is still a month or two from total completion! 

But I am so excited... I actually have something to show today...

This is the "before" bedroom...

I know... but in the 90's it was perfect for a little girl! Now that little girl is grown up and married and loving life with her husband in Washington DC.

Turning this bedroom into a room for this couple to come "home" to... or for overnight guests was a l-o-n-g time coming. The family room makeover, the study makeover, the kitchen makeover and lots of small project all stood in line ahead of it.

First the pink carpet was torn up and hardwood floors were laid to match the rest of the house.
But we can never do just one thing at a time... so 3 bedrooms got hardwood floors.

My work crew!  Son, husband, brother, and son-in-law!

Then came the hardest part... Removing the wallpaper!

The paper was pre-pasted and my husband wanted to make sure it did not peel off so he pasted it again before he put it up 18 years ago! We worked 1 day each weekend for 4 weeks to get it off the walls. 

We scored, and sprayed and steamed and chiseled and peeled it off inch by inch!

 Much of the glue still stuck to the wall so we scrubbed and eventually sanded the walls!


The walls are now painted Cream Delight by Valspar.  All the trim, doors and windows were repainted with Atrium White by Benjamin Moore.

Today's peek into this room is really all about the bed. There is still much to finish and decorate but the bed is done!

The bed is a big, dark, almost ebony stained queen bed. I dressed it in Pottery Barn linens (we have an outlet about 6 miles away).  

I LOVE pillows! They set such a cozy mood! 

I like the look of linen in this room.

The night stand is a quirky shaped zebra painted table. It was love at first sight! I think it brings sass to this tailored room!

Crown molding is next... then putting up the round mirror over the bed. 

Next week I'll show you the piece that lives on the other side of the room... 

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