There is a little cupboard in my kitchen with interesting glass doors... and everything in it is white. I call it my little french cupboard, because of it's mullioned windows and sweet utilitarian size. It reminds me of a small cupboard in a french farmhouse.

It is not staged or perfectly appointed or filled with great design elements. My niece calls it "aesthetically useful".

 But it does hold some of my favorite dishes... all white and interesting and well-loved! 

Let's take a a little look...

This area was reworked when when our kitchen was freshened up last year. The little cupboard was original to StoneGable... and underneath it used to sit a desk and chair.... a design element very big almost 20 years ago! But for me, very impractical.... just a junk collection area!

The desk went unused (except to pile junk)... because I have a study just off of the kitchen. So, this new built-in was worked around my little french cupboard.

The cupboard is just big enough to hold my white dishes with "interesting edges"! These are not my everyday dishes.

And these are certainly not all of my white dishes.  The dishes in this space are my favorites!

Like these heavily embossed square plates and crown bowls and compote...

The little french cupboard hold a set of very special dishes... my LEAF AND BERRY dishes. More people ask me about these beautifully edged plates more than any other.

The bottom shelf holds more dishes and bowls, egg cups, sugar bowl and creamer and two white pitchers. 

They hold silver flatware, silver measuring spoons and my new collection of antique pearl handled knives.

I am looking for a large ironstone platter to lean upright in the back of the middle shelf... I hope I find one with an interesting rim!

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