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As you open the drawer you catch the slightest whiff of vanilla... and taking out a towel, the lovely fragrance lingers! You close your eyes and breath in deeply... what a delicious light aroma!

Wouldn't you love this experience each time you open a drawer?  Drawer liners are one way of infusing you dressers with a delicate scent!

Most drawer liners can cost a pretty penny! They are also limited in fragrance and design.

Making your own personalized drawer liners is easy, inexpensive and let's you be creative...

I love drawer liners! I used to bite the bullet and buy them for all my dressers and chest of drawers! Not any more. Making them opens up a whole new word of artistic possibilities!

Look at that fun pop of unexpected color! 

I use my favorite fragrance... vanilla... to scent the paper, but lavender and rose and cinnamon might work well too! The great things is... you can experiment and make drawer liner that are personal and creative!

StoneGable Scented Drawer Liner
good quality wrapping paper, cloth paper (Art Stores) or non coated wall paper
essential oil (Bath and Body or online)
warm water

1. Measure and cut the paper to fit each drawer.

2. Mix a couple drop of oil with warm water in a spray bottle.  I used a small travel-sized spray bottle and added just a few of drop of vanilla oil and filled it with warm water.  Shake! The more essential oil you use the stronger the scent will be.

3. Shake the  spray bottle. Spray the back side of the paper. Do not soak it! Just a good even spray.

4. Let it COMPLETELY dry on a flat surface. Spraying it will take some of the "roll" out of the paper.

5. I ironed it ever so gently on the lowest setting with the steam off. You might want to put a piece of brown craft paper between your ironing board and your paper so the ironing board does not pick up the scent.

6. Put the liners into your drawers. 

7. Refresh them periodically.

This would also make a thoughtful gift... a few lengths of scented paper tied up in a pretty bow!