Let me introduce you to the Paula Deen Sweet Tea Tall Dresser in Tobacco... it is finally in it's new home.... that is being transformed from the bedroom belonging to my daughter as she grew up, all girly and frilly... to a tailored and serene guest room...  where my twenty-something daughter and husband can feel loved and welcomed when they come home to StoneGable.

As many of you know, I have been pining away for the gorgeous Paula Deen Sweet Tea Dresser in tobacco for quite some time. I searched high and low for a substitute... but EVERYTHING I hunted down fell so short!!! You can read about all my whining and fussing in "DRESSER DREAMING" by clicking HERE

I can hardly believe this beauty, the Paula Deen Sweet Tea Dresser in tobacco, ( I just have to call it by it's full name!) came to live with us...

You can see the room transformation and the bed by clicking HERE... 

and the addition of two small leather ottomans at the bottom of the bed by clicking HERE.

Yes, I finally broke down and bought this work-of-art dresser! (Can you tell how much I LOVE the Paula Deen Sweet Tea Dresser in tobacco?)

 I did find a fabulous sale... and the Red Carpet delivery service did a red carpet job and brought it from North Carolina home to me! And I am soooooo happy I did not settle for something else. Sometimes, there IS no substitute! Every time I look at this dresser I want to hug it!

I think it's a perfect fit with the rest of the room.  It is tall... dark and very very handsome!

I am still trying to find the right vignette for the top of the dresser.

I bought this natural rattan lamp at HomeGoods as it works well with all the natural elements in the room.

And this fabulous finial was a steal from PB outlet at 75% off!

I am on the lookout for an old metal gym basket to fill with a big healthy fern for the top of the dresser...
But while I am looking for just the right vintage basket I'm using a black wire basket filled with willow balls and pine cones  to give my dresser interest and warm texture!

I pulled this black painted chair (that sits in a corner of the work-in-progress bedroom) over to the dresser for a little peek at what else I am working on.

I am not sure if  I want to use a chair pad on this chair or just fill it with pillows... if I want one chair or two chairs in the corner... if I want to use a small table with the chair (or chairs)... and if I want a hanging lamp from the ceiling in the corner. There are so many great options!

One thing that I am sure of... as I continue to work on this bedroom I'll share each step with you!

All suggestions and help are welcomed!!!

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