Last year my kitchen got a makeover...

 I had planned to get new kitchen stools... but I just could not seem to part with my old, sturdy, been-with-us-for-years-and-years stools.

Almost everything in my kitchen is new and shiny. These outdated stools were one thing that held a sentimental link to our past... to all the years little bottoms sat on them... and little feet scuffed them...

 They held history... at least for me!

So, instead of replacing them... they got a makeover too...

Here is the before... they way they have looked in my kitchen for ages and ages...

Basic, functional and very worn!

The stool makeover is a work in progress... I get these great ideas (or so I think) and soooooo underestimate how long they take!!!

None of the stools are done...

Can you guess what will be written on stool 2 and 3? And can you fund the letter that is missing?
(To clear things up... I am also missing a "1/" for the wheat germ... it will read 1/2 cup. When I transfered the the recipe a letter was missing... I'll paint those in when I get a free minute)

Like I said... work in progress!

I am hand painting each stool... very time consuming!

When they are all done I'll share the tutorial with you!

They will be all ready for the next generation of little bottoms...someday!

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