I love Mums! They are colorful and full of blooms that last for weeks and are so closely associated with my favorite season... FALL!

Mums usually spill out of my pots and planters as soon as the slightest breeze of fresh fall air arrives at StoneGable.

Recently, I visited a new-to-me greenhouse, PERFECT POTS, where I found a whole world of fabulous fall plants to spruce up my outdoor pots and urns...

I used a mix of fun fall plants along side of my beloved mums to make much more interesting plantings!

This planter, and its twin on the other side of my front door, were planted a week ago. They will continue to grow and fill in right through November!

The planters have developed a nice patina over the years!

Here is how I planted this big urn... and lots of tips that I learned for keeping attractive fall planters.

Purple fountain grass (Pennisetum- advena "Rubrum") was planted in the back of my  planter for height and a   loose breezy look! I love how the slightest breeze makes them wave and twirl!

I also added curly branches to emphasise the height and give a little added intrest.

 I save these branches from season to season and use them in many of my arragements.

In front of the grass I planted an ornamental pepper called Explosive Embers because it was next in height. 

It is important to take note of the growing habits and height of each plant... we don't want a plant to grow up and hide other pretties we have planted!

This plant is a real beauty! It also produces tiny purple flowers. It was love at first sight!

Along side of the Black Pearl is a medium sized mum called Aubrey Orange.  I would usually buy the biggest mums I could find to fill my planters. This mums is not the diva of this pot... it is working as a part of an ensembled cast this year!

Mums bloom a long time, about 4 to 6 weeks, but that is not the whole season... so I used to end up with dead mums by November. Choose mums that are still in tight bud form... you will get an extra week or two out of them.

When the mums are spent I'll remove them and plunk down a big pumpkin in their place!

In front of and around the rest of the pot are low growing ornamentals.  

Don't you just love ornamental cabbage! It lasts even after frost... and brings fluff and the WOW factor to wherever it is planted!

Pigeon Purple is the variety of  flowering cabbage in my planters this year.

Tucked into the front of the planter is a bright red ornamental pepper. It is called Black Pearl. Can you see a few of the "black pearls" hidden among the red peppers?

I like to use a big splash of color right up front in my fall planters. When I just use mums I usually tuck  bright gourds and leaves around the front of the planter.

To fill and spill over the planters I use a spunky little soft leaf perennial called Dead Nettle (Lamium). What a horrid name for a pretty little plant!  

Dead Nettle is a vigorous spreader and can go from my planter right into the ground... before the first heavy frost.

The last touch is to add pansies in white, orange and purple. Just a couple to bloom to add a splash of sassy color... hopefully until Thanksgiving!

I feed my pots once a week with an all purpose feeder at half strength.  And water them when they start getting dry.

To keep my pots looking picture perfect I deadhead and clean them up when I water.

If you drive by my home early in the morning you just might see a crazy blond lady on her porch in her pj's... with coffee in hand fussing with her pots!

 Make sure to honk... and I'll give you a wave!