What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I had OATMEAL...

 Not the instant kind, but the real deal...the stand-over-the-stove and stir cooked oatmeal. I added milk and a little brown sugar and raisins and walnuts. YUMMY!

I don't eat oatmeal just because it is a delicious breakfast... it is also a powerhouse of protein, iron and fiber. It gives my body energy, fills me up and helps me stay healthy... it's good for me and a good thing to do in the morning!

Spending time with God in the morning is a whole lot like eating oatmeal...

Spending time in God's word in the morning is spiritual breakfast!

Just like oatmeal God's word has it's benefits...

 It's good for us. Nourishing us by...teaching us, showing us where we are getting off track, feeding us the truth, and training us to be in right standing with God!

God's word is spiritual food! We need it to be spiritually healthy!

Skipping breakfast is bad for our physical health.... skipping time in God's word is bad for our spiritual health.

So eat your breakfast... and spend time with God daily...

It's good for you!

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