Here at StoneGable we are drowning in pillows! Fluffy pillows, patterned pillows, down pillows, square pillows, big pillows, striped pillows, seasonal pillows... ... Oh, I have a love affair with pillows! 

 Loving pillows does have it's down side... where do I put all their pretty fluffiness when I need to kick them out off their home on the bed... or sofa... or chair? They litter the floor or teeter pyramid style on coffee tables, dressers, bookshelves...

Recently I was at a consignment shop and found the solution to the pillow dilemma for one room at StoneGable.

This beautiful big vintage basket is just the right size to corral the pillows in one of the guest rooms!

Look at those sturdy wooden handles... so easy to carry!

Solving the downside of one addiction... leads to feeding another...

My love affair with... BASKETS!

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