Do you have an on-going talk with God? 

Lately, mine goes something like this...

 "Father, help me.... Father, have mercy on ... Father, forgive me... Father, have mercy on me... Father, help fill-in-the-blank... Father, have mercy on this country... Father, I praise you... Father, have mercy on us..."

My thoughts and dialogue with God these days have a whole lot to do with HIS MERCY!

I need it... we need it... our country needs it!

Mercy, the word CHESED (pronounced khesed) in Hebrew is one of the richest and most precious words in scripture!

God's moral character is one full of mercy...CHESED goes to the heart of the character of God himself!

There is really no adequate word in the English language for CHESED. 

We call it God's lovingkindness,  kindness and mercy.

But God's true mercy is so much more!!!! 

CHESED is a covenant word... a solemn, binding agreement... better than a promise!

CHESED is undeserved benevolence and withholding deserved judgement... no wonder I cry out for it so often! 

CHESED is a word of great comfort and security for those longing for God's spiritual comfort... for those wanting to see God's compassion working in their lives!

CHESED is abundant... because God's measure of mercy is limitless! 

CHESED is everlasting... not only does God pour out mercy is great measure... HE is not bound by time and neither is the mercy HE lavishes on us!

When I cry out to God with this one word.. Mercy... God reaches down to just where I am... no matter where... and pours out his lovingkindness, mercy, covenant, benevolence, comfort, security and love in great abundance... for all time! 

No wonder MERCY has been part of my daily dialogue with The LORD!

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